About Us

"Impressive and accomplished choreographic symphony. Her movement is fast, athletic, sensuous." - SF Examiner


"A fierce fluidity in performance and a brooding surrealism in the choreography." - Minneapolis Star Tribune


"Prolific to the point of profligacy.  Let's just say sometimes electrifying, always interesting, usually amazing." - Skyway News


"Her smart choreography is full of surprises" - Minneapolis Star Tribune


"Alyce Finwall brings a bit of glamour to the dance world." - City Pages


"Athletic, voracious, and exuberant " - Oakland Examiner


"Work that is known for its sexiness and intelligence" - New York Times


Established in 1999, Alyce Finwall Dance Theater (AFDT) blends an unabashed movement language with dramatic expression to create a powerful vehicle for theatrical dance.  Utilizing a combination of high intensity contemporary and classical forms to investigate the complex dimensions of life and the human experience, Alyce Finwall's unique artistic voice comes from a dedication to experimentation and reinvention, and her approach delivers an intelligent and evocative style illuminated with vision, insight and imagination.