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Almost Human - A rumination of deconstruction, destruction, disintegration, coming together and moving apart


Performed at:

Cowell Theater, San Francisco, May 2017

Haven - Created for Summer Performance Festival at ODC Theater, 2016.


Performed at:

ODC Theater, San Francisco, July 2016

RUNE - Created for the San Francisco International Arts Festival, 2015.  Loosely based off the Norse myth of Ragnarök.  It is not a literal re-creation of the myth; rather, it is an exploration of the emotional elements that make up the story and its subliminal metaphors.  It is an abstracted language, one of mysterious patterns and meanings reflecting the turmoil and anxiety, humor and love in our modern lives.  The piece utilizes spoken word in both Norwegian and English interwoven throughout.  It is a fast moving, athletic and mysterious affair.


Performed at:

San Franciscot International Arts Festival, Fort Mason, San Francisco, May 2015

In Response - Created for ODC's Pilot program, Pilot 64 asked choreographers to create work for live music.  Violinist Victor Lin.


Performed at:

ODC Theater, San Francisco, March 2014

The Felting Edge 


Performed at:

West Wave Dance Festival, Z Space, San Francisco, September 2014

Shapeless Crown - Is it an ending?  A shameless farewell?  A complex and bizarre puzzle?  A crowning achievement for everyone involved?  Four dancers navigate through sacred and shared spaces towards a loving, and fabulous goodbye.  This piece moves from crepuscular to outrageous in the blink of an eye!  Music by Lydia Lunch, Vera Lynn, Leslie Flanigan, Dramaturg by Lauren Baines.


Performed at:

Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, November 2013

Garage Theater, San Francisco, May 2013

Angel - a tour de force performance piece for two dancers.  Influenced by the work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One's Own” and the works of Balthus.  “Angel" delves into the surreal and unnerving realm of sexuality and aggressions that pits the audience's glare against the demanding physicality and exposure of the performance.  "Angel" is a tightly constructed dance piece that inhabits a quiet, dark and mysterious room.  Music by Biosphere, Beach Boys, Carson Whitley, Joy Division.


Performed at:

ODC Theater, San Francisco, July 2012

Garage Theater, San Francisco, February 2012

Evenfall - Alyce Finwall Dance Theater collaborates with composer Carson Whitley and video artist Andrea Williams on "Evenfall". Created as part of RAW (Resident Artist Workshop) at the Garage Theater in San Francisco, and presented by the Joyce SoHo in NYC, Evenfall investigates femininity, isolation, identity and nakedness, through raw movement, improvisation and theater; a surreal and ever-changing world of explosive movement and intimate emotions come to life.


Performed at:

Joyce SoHo, New York, May 2011

Garage Theater, San Francisco, March 2011

Enter Demeter - 

"Enter Demeter", with an original composition by Jason Hoopes for strings, voice and breast pump, explores humanity within the struggle between life and death through the physical manifestation of nine women in a restricted arena. The entirety of the stage becomes the anointed ground in which these women are enclosed and in which they struggle for autonomy, civility and significance within an often fragile and volatile environment where nothing is to be taken for granted. "Enter Demeter" opposes woman against woman, while also showing the cooperative traits that are imperative to women's existence. "Enter Demeter" showcases the beauty, clarity, value and strength of women through the interrogation of all human values. This piece takes inspiration from "The Voyage" by Eduardo Galeano and Faith Wilding's poem "Waiting", which was part of the performance program of Womanhouse, the seminal feminist art installation.


Performed at:

Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA, February 2011

Dixon Place, New York, June 2010

Cowell Theater for the WestWave Dance Festival, San Francisco, December 2010

Mills College, Oakland, May 2010

Enter Demeter at WestWave Dance Festival (recording starts about 10 minutes into the piece)


Performed at:

Cowell Theater, San Francisco, 2010

Veiling - music by Low.


Performed at:

CounterPulse, San Francisco, May 2009

Mills College, Oakland, November 2008

No Exit - Created in 2006 and performed at the Cunningham Studio/Theater in New York.  No Exit is a rumination on the demands and ridiculousnous of a dancer.  Using the existensial play "No Exit"  by Jean Paul Satre as an outline to show the egoism, stamina and campiness of living the life of a dancer in NYC.


Performed at:

Cunningham Studio/Theater, New York, June 2006

I Will Wait For You - Created in 2006 and performed at the Cunningham Studio/Theater in New York.  Sound design and mixed by Alyce Finwall.  Dancers:  Diana Deaver, Jordan Marinov, Alyce Finwall, Kurt Gorrell & Andrew Notarile.


Performed at:

Cunningham Studio/Theater, New York, June 2006

Come - Created for the Southern Theater, Minneaplis for the 2002 spring season.  Sound design and mixed by John Jindra.  Dancers:  Kathleen Nasti, Youri Yano, Alyce Finwall & Kyle Shukis.


Performed at:

Southern Theater, Minneapolis, 2002


Persephone - Created as part of the Walker Art Center's "Momentum/New Dance" series, 2001.  Based on the myth of Persephone.  Sound design by John Jindra.  Dancers:  Penelope Freeh, Alyce Finwall, Zhauna Franks, Robert Skafte, Joel Klausler, Jeffrey Duval, Devon Carey, Heather Cadigan, Valerie Torres & Stephanie Fellner.


Performed at:

Southern Theater, Minneapolis, April 2001

On the Flat Sphere - Created in 1999.  Sound design by Alyce Finwall, mixed by Mike Gansmoe.  Dancers: Alyce Finwall, Heather Cadigan, Robert Skafte & James Wehn.


Performed at:

Loring Theater, Minneapolis, 1999

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2000

P.S. 122, New York, 2001